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From an “MTV” style video to a live performance shoot we have the technology, equipment, and expertise to meet your needs at a budget-friendly price. We shoot in full HD and have a “green screen room”. We can also turn your multitrack recordings into 5.1 Surround. We are happy to upload your video to Youtube or we can burn it to Blu-Ray disk for you. Check out some of our past work then let us custom tailor a production that meets your needs.

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    1. George! Whats up dude? Basically at an hourly rate you have access to what ever my brain/toys can produce, audio, video, editing, photography you name it! For example the Saints Eleven vid on the front page was three hours shooting and three hours of editing if memory serves. Sessions are secured with a $50 deposit (paypal accepted). 1hr=$40, 2hrs=$60, 3hrs=$80, 4+hrs=$25 an hour

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