38 Monthly Rehearsal Rooms of Various sizes. Typically full occupancy. Recommend joining the Notification List by emailing When a room becomes available, the notification list is notified… From there, its first cash first serve. Paypal is a strong hint.

We also have an hourly room that includes: house drum set and vox PA
Book an Appointment

3hrs=$75 (3-hour minimum)

Jim Wright is now in charge of scheduling hourly rehearsal. 

No Sessions are “Booked” until deposit received via PayPal or Booking Link

Book through the online calendar at least 48 hours in advance.

Less than 48 hours “short notice” Booking is subject to availability and is $30 an hour, 3-hour minimum

6941 E Lancaster, Fort Worth Tx 76112

One mile east of 820, Somewhat “secret” location discourages losers who live in the area from “uninvited visits”.

Open since 2005 and 0 thefts!!

Our rehearsal spaces feature steel bars on the front doors, 24/7 video surveillance, 24/7 access, steel doors, deadbolts, dumpster on premises, clean attractive rooms, Free Wi/Fi, a great place to network, and great prices!!!

Rooms are leased on a “First Cash First Serve” basis. If no rooms are available just send an e-mail to Jim and ask to be placed on the waiting list. Everyone on the waiting list receives an e-mail at the same time the moment a room becomes available.

Please note the graphics below were created around the year 2005 and are basically to give an idea of the layout and do not reflect the full 38 rooms we have currently.

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  1. Our Hourly room is basically our recording studio doing double duty. big room, giant green screen wall, house drums, house PA, 3 hrs=$60. Appointments are secured with a deposit (half down). No appointments made till deposit received. “first cash first serve”, paypal and square accepted

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