Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

No bookings are accepted with out a deposit. $50 per session/day the client wishes to secure

No shows and cancellations within a 48 hour time frame forfeit their deposit (deposit is not refunded).

Deposits are applied to the client’s bill at the end of the session for the day.

No media will be given to the client until paid in full at the end of the session.

No Smoking or Alcohol or Drugs.

No Pets (Sorry, I am a dog lover myself…)

Please do not bring extra people to the session who are not directly involved in the recording process. In my experience they are a distraction to both the engineer and the client and I believe focus is key to a productive session

If you have “beats” or background music please bring them to the session on a USB drive or CD

Here is a good article I found on helpful hints for the studio: