Check out my past work on the SAMPLES page

Due to numerous requests I have added pricing for smaller blocks of studio time:

1 hour = $40

Half Day/4 hour Block = $140

Full Day/8 Hour Block = $280

Pricing pertains to Audio Production, Video Shooting/Editing, Photography.

Take the time to get it right! Good equipment, good prices and a fellow musician/engineer who has shared your experiences as a studio client on the DFW music scene for over 20 years.

Walt Disney said “I don’t make movies to make money, I make money to make more movies”. That pretty much sums up my attitude towards making albums.

Back in the early days I was a mobile recording studio. Having an exceptionally convenient and low cost studio solution helped clients to over look my lack of experience. Having roughly 20 years of “paid dues” as a guitarist on the local music scene helped to make me a quick study as I learned recording “on the fly”. I read every audio engineering book and watched every instructional video I could get my hands on.

Those early days were unforgettable and lots of fun. Check out the Audio Samples page to check out the archived recordings from 2002 onward.

BOOKING POLICY: In an effort to keep cancellations to a minimum, a deposit of $50 is required in advance to secure the booking. Your booking is only “penciled in” until a deposit is received. If a deposit is not received in a timely manner, your booking could be lost to someone else.

CANCELLATIONS POLICY: Please be considerate of other clients who may have wanted to book that time. If notice is given at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session, the deposit can be used towards rescheduling a new session. THERE WILL BE NO CASH REFUNDS. No-shows and cancellations within the 48 hour time frame will result in a loss of the total deposit.

PAYMENT: Payment is due in full before a client receives any copies of session recordings.

STORAGE OF MASTERS: Multitrack Masters will be stored on our hard drive for a period of up to 2 weeks after the final mixing session. After two weeks, if arrangements have not been made to purchase the masters, your files may be deleted to make room for new sessions.

Equipment List:

  • Neumann U87Ai
  • Cubase 8.5/Pro Tools 10/Presonus Studio One
  • Custom PC 3gig Hexcore processor 16gigs RAM
  • Allen and Heath QU-32 Mixer
  • Behringer Powerplay P16-I 16-channel Input Module+ 4 headphone mixers
  • KRK Rocket5 Monitors
  • Wide Selection of mics: Neumann, AKG, Sure, MXL, Audix